Explainer animation video – Tutoring Center and Test Prep

Prestige Prep is a leading NYC tutoring center for academic and test prep tutoring. The center prepares students for every facet of their exam while lessening anxiety and building emotional strength. We also keep parents informed through every step of the process, so they feel confident that their children are on track for success. Inovit video is done with a combination of the whiteboard and 2D animation styles. The storytelling was used in this video to show the workflow of the center. If you enjoyed watching the video you could share it with your friends.

The purpose

The main purpose of the explainer video from our client should represent the quality education to the students of Manhattan and the New York tri-state area. The video should describe the goal of Prestige Prep that is to evoke pure and unadulterated sentiment, and to present a picture of comfort and refuge from what could often be a confusing and dissatisfying educational experience. Client requested to visualize in the video that the home school option is the solution for the pupil who needs a special sort of attention. The main task for the video was that our creative specialista should paint the comfort for the best way to convey the import and quality of Prestige’s product.

The solution

Inovit experts made the video in 2D animation as per the order of the client. In the video we used static characters to represent the atmosphere of school education. The video script clearly described the convenience of the homeschool option for the students and the great results which were received by the special students who were getting the tutoring service from Prestige Prep.

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