Animated Explainer Videos by Inovit – Invoice2go

About the project:

Hey, guys.
We created a new explainer animated video with Invoice2go. Invoice2go is a web-based application designed as a simple billing, cost tracking and reporting tool for micro and small business owners. If you are just starting to delve into the financial part of the matter, or you have a lack of time for this, Invoice2go will become your assistant.

In this video, we tried to convey the main advantages of the platform for both business owners and customers. Simple instructions will help you understand how this platform works. We wanted to show the main character as an ordinary guy, the owner of a small business, who is engaged in almost all the company's processes on its own.
As a result, we got excellent storytelling in which both the businessman and the client will recognize themselves.

Thanks to Invoice2go for the cooperation.

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