What You Should Know About 3D Animations


Let’s face it, if you are thinking about purchasing a new television, you are going to look into 3-D. When you go to the movies, you know you are in luck if the theater is showing the film in the 3D version. The entire movie seems so much richer and full of life.

3D is everywhere these days.  3D technology is found in printing, advertising, architecture, biotech, computer games, and so much more, it’s in every aspect of just about every industry. If this is a technology you would like to embrace and bring into your business with a video or for a business presentation, you need to learn as much as possible.

We are going to give you as much information as we can regarding 3D animation. You might want to know how it’s created and how you can find a company to create excellent 3D images from scratch for your business.


How 3D Animation is Created

In the most basic of terms, 3D animation is the process of creating three-dimensional moving images in a digital setting.  3D software is where 3D Models come from. These models are carefully manipulated to appear they are real moving objects.

In days gone by, animators would draw a character in different movements and then play them in high-speed sequences, such as walking.   As an illustration, the animators would draw a character in a series of positions, one on each page of paper. Then, they would take the pages, flip through the pages and guess what? The character was moving.  Of course, at that time it was 2D. Like traditional animation, 3D makes objects or characters appear to be moving when, in reality, it’s a series of consecutive images being shown on a very fast sequence. The same principle is used in 2D and 3D.  The only difference, 2D images are hand-drawn while the pictures are computer-generated in 3D.

Example video

There are several phases involved in making 3D animation, so let’s talk about that:


The Modeling Phase

This is the first step, or phase, in 3D animation.  The 3D objects, or characters, are created within a scene.


The Layout and Animation

During this phase, the 3D objects are positioned in such a way that it appears there is movement taking place on the screen. In layout and animation, all the characters or objects are animated by the 3D animators.



Rendering in 3D animation is very much like video.  This completes the process, it’s the final outcome. The animation studio you choose to create your 3D animation; they will have the artist use a variety of software to create your animation.

3D soft\ware is actually quite affordable for those still learning the technique.  While big movie studios like Disney use the most expensive, high-end technology in order to create the most stunning 3D animation anywhere. That said, for your 3D video, you do not need this very expensive, high-tech stuff.

3D animation is a great deal more expensive and takes a great deal of time to create and can be somewhat tedious.  3D artists have to double their workload in comparison to 2D animation.  As an example, to see the differences between 2D and 3D, look at a two-dimensional painting than a three-dimensional sculpture.  Even though the painting will let you see the whole picture, sculptures let you touch and feel the depth of the structure. There are 3 phases in 3D animation but there are also three separate steps followed by the 3D team:

Mentally visualize and create the storyboard.

Create the 3D models.

Add texture, rigging, and animation.

Adjust the lighting and set up the cameras.


Compositing and applying your special effects.

Add Music, Foley*, and Editing.

The Final Product


*Foley is the reproduction of everyday sounds in films, videos, for improved audio.


What Is the Cost for 3D Animation?


There are several differences that will affect the cost. The price range for producing the animation video depends on several factors that a professional 3D studio takes into consideration for the cost of their services:


The Type of Animation –

There are different types of animation material that all have their own characteristics as well as level of difficulties during the creation.


The Plot Duration –

Even though the overall duration might be short, characteristics of a 3D video are different in timekeeping. The indicator will depend on the reason for the material such as advertising, a presentation, or for training.


Complexity –

The style of computer graphics chosen by the customer will be used when making the video.


The Scope of Work –

Significant signs are everywhere in images, details, and necessary movements for the drawings.  High saturation of material with a number of elements requires a lot of work.


An Image Must Have Sound –

An image must have sound whether a musical theme or, in some cases, a voice.  As an example, if the client wants to have his material with an exclusive musical composition written for him the cost will increase.


Also, consider the urgency level by the client for the order being completed and various individual wishes of the customer will make their adjustments for the final cost of the service much higher.


All the above details are discussed with the customer before the price is in place.  Also, the terms for creating animation may vary, so contact them first.

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