Use of Explainer Videos for Educational Institute

Let’s talk about the phenomenon of Explainer Videos. What are they? Why are they so popular? How can they make such a strong influence on the educational process?


The first question is what are explainer videos?

Often these are not very long videos that last near about 90 seconds. They are usually full of different types of animation. Explainer Videos aim to explain complex concepts and ideas to all viewers simply and interestingly. Videos can attract the attention of a very wide audience due to the short duration and very interesting topics. They are also the best type of videos for building strong relationships and contacting the viewers.


Use of Explainer Videos in the educational process

Explainer Videos are incredibly useful for each person who has a desire to learn or to understand something. Thanks to flexibility Explainer Videos can be used in various education systems. They effectively help students to learn complex materials by using graphics and animations. Besides, Explainer Videos can be used by educational institutions to make communication between teachers and students easier and more interesting.


Yes, interesting! Studying the process can be not boring

Tell students about the rules of behavior and the history of the university via video and they will remember it. Explain complex mathematical theorems, the structure of the political system or the interaction of chemicals via Explainer Videos and each student will be passionate about the process.


Complex can be simple

What could be more “interesting” than listening to a lecture on economic theory for one hour?

As studies show that on average humans have attention spans less than 10 seconds. Students are people too. They have the same difficulties. If the information seems too complicated for them, then students start taking their studies as a heavy burden.

At such moments, nothing can be better than an Explainer Videos, except for a live performance right in the audience. Very complex concepts can become much easier thanks to animations and interactivity. It is much easier to perceive visual information than complex monotonous text.


Children like movies!

Children are very fond of watching different cartoons and videos, in which there is a lot of music and bright colors. This feature can be used for the right purpose. It is much easier to learn the alphabet and some words not when the child is only reading letters, but when he hears the pronunciation.

This way of learning can develop many positive qualities and instill a love of learning for life.


Explainer Videos are a new trend

The Internet is the engine of progress. Everything changes here very often, no matter what is this: shopping, business, news, online classes. To make your lectures unique, you need to keep up with the times. Written lectures and notes are not interesting. Explainer Videos are a new trend.



If you are a lecturer, you know that students change, but topics are the same. Therefore you need to repeat the same information every year a lot of times. Explainer Videos can help you to make this process much easier.


Make your presentation unique

Would you like to make an interesting and unique presentation? Explainer Videos can help you. They are full of new ideas, information, and advice. You can save a lot of time in this way. Besides, Explainer Videos can help you to find any project or link on somebody’s work or experience. Your video can be full of infographics and motion graphics to make your lesson unforgettable.


Share your brand

If you open a new educational center you can share the information about it through Explainer Videos. It’s the best way to attract the audience and tell them why they should choose you, explain your features and facilities that you’ll be providing to your students.


Explainer Videos are one of the best ways in the educational process

They are simple, interesting, attractive and modern. They can simplify both the process of teaching and the process of learning. Explainer Videos are the best solution.