How explainer video works

In recent years, explainer animated videos have become an increasingly popular marketing tool. These short videos lasting 1-2 minutes, made in different styles and techniques, explain the main advantages of the goods or services in a funny and original manner. Such videos can at the same time educate, entertain and provide useful information to the viewer. This method helps people to make a purchase or start using some services more willingly.

The explainer video genre is perfect for you if you want to increase website conversion, interest a potential client and give him as much knowledge about the product as possible. In addition, videos of this format are perfect for landing pages, social networks, blogs and newsletters.

So what are the explainer animated videos made up of?

The core of the explainers is the script. It should convey the purpose of the video, take into account the interests of the audience and fully explain why your product/service is useful. You can write the script by yourself, or our company will help you with that.

Another, perhaps, the most important part of the explainers is animation. Creating a picture, drawing all the characters and details and the selection of color palettes. The beauty and ease of perception the image depends on it. After the characters and backgrounds are drawn, the most exciting process begins – bringing the picture into action. So, the heroes of our video gain character, become more lively and closer to the audience. The better the animation is, the more memorable the video will be.

In addition to good animation, voice acting will make your video even more lively and interesting for the viewer. Depending on what you describe and for whom voiceover and music should be selected, which will complement your video.

Each one of these aspects individually have an effect on humans. Every day we come across advertising texts, pictures, radio ads, etc. However, they manage to get bored. Nobody is interested in long reads, or infographics in a picture, no matter how good it may be. The explainer contains a maximum of information and conveys it, combining all the above methods.

Using video is an ideal way for providing information, as it stimulates both auditory and visual sensations. This two-pronged approach gives new data several different options for entering into long-term memory, which increases the overall storage of new information. Your company’s videos are more likely to be remembered than an advertising poster.

According to Forbes magazine, 59 percent of senior executives prefer to watch video instead of reading text if both are available on the same webpage. Video will save your time and at the same time it is more interesting than regular text.

Visitors who view product videos are 85 percent more likely to buy than visitors who don’t.

Moreover, web pages with video attracted two to three times as many monthly visitors as those without video. So, your site does not look monotonous. The ability to watch a video, twist some infographics and look through animated pictures makes a web page more interesting for users.

Now, let’s, for example, imagine that you send information about a product to a potential buyer by mail. Try to send an explainer instead of the text (no matter how good it is). The chances that, the client will go to your website and buy the product are much higher, because it is more interesting and unusual.

All this is more than real, if you approach the creation of the explainer animated videos responsibly and make it of high quality.

So, to summarize briefly: are you the CEO who launches a new product, service or company on the market? Does your product run on the Internet? Your projects are in IT sphere? Then, the explainer animated video is the best marketing tool for you. Our team can help you to create a fascinating story that will be useful to your customers and helpful to your business.