How long does it take to produce a customized explainer video

Are you itching to include an explainer video into your marketing strategy? Do you wish to make your customers have adequate knowledge of your goods and services through the creation of simple explainer videos? If the answers to the above questions are yes, then this detailed piece of up is for you. To create a professional explainer video, you will need to plan your production timeline properly. Videos are becoming increasingly popular. Last year, about 81% of businesses made use customized explainer videos to market their goods and services. In this article, we will disintegrate the whole procedure required to create an animated explainer video. Most of these customized animated videos take about 3 to 8 weeks to produce from scratch. However, with the use of predesigned templates, they can be created within a few days. Timing is dependent on the quality of video you opt for and the availability of the video manufacturing company. Other essential determining factors responsible for the time it takes to create an explainer video Script, Storyboard, Voiceover, Animation, Music and sound effects. These stages are briefly explained below.


The first thing any video company will request is a script that describes your goals, target audience, and other vital information about your product. After a couple of days, they will re-contact you and hand the script over to you for you to analyze and check for corrections. This is an essential part of the video creation stage as it describes the blueprint and purpose of the video. You can create the script yourself for the video company to use if you are good at writing scripts, or you can make use of the services of a professional scriptwriter. However, it’s always essential to know the basics of scriptwriting when planning an explanation video to market your goods and services. Usually, it takes from 2 to 4 days to write a script for a 1-2 min video.


After drafting your script, the next stage is the storyboard stage. This stage depicts everything written in the script with comic sketches. The storyboard can be defined as a sequential and pictorial display of the script. The storyboard will help you check if the story is in line with your script. This stage usually takes between one to three weeks to complete.

Voice actors

After completing and approving the script and storyboard stages, the voice actors’ stage is the next stage. In this stage, professional voice actors are specially selected to meet your target audience age, accent, and gender. Voices are the human aspect of the video; therefore it is of utmost importance that the video is produced with the appropriate tone and with the proper expression of emotions.


The animation is a process of bringing your designed characters and background elements to life. The video production company animates all actions that are drawn on the storyboard. This usually takes about two weeks or more, and this is dependent on the intricacy of the job. This job should be done with absolute care because the motion of the characters is what makes them alive and believable. Organic movement creates a human touch that makes the whole animation more understandable. This is a difficult task. Nevertheless, an impressive animation will produce high-quality and sophisticated videos.

Sound FX

This is the last stage. This stage involves the inclusion of music and sound effects in the video. The soundtracks play an essential part in the tone that you want. This can produce series of feelings like enthusiasm, relaxation, inactivity, depression, etc. The process can be completed within a week. Good and captivating music makes a huge difference between a standard video and a unique video.

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