Explainer video – Online video game console

About the project:

Agree, it would be cool if the console could be played by four or even five persons and you shouldn’t worry about the lack of joysticks. All this is possible thanks to Airconsole - online video game console. Now all you need is on your smartphone. Play your favorite games with friends anywhere, be it a home, office, park or cafe.

We tried to make this video easy and not annoying. The explаiner shows how Airconsole works and its advantages. So for the buyer to decide on the purchase, it will be enough to spend a minute of his time. Frisky animation and a game-like sketching style make the video even closer in spirit to gaming devices. And the voiceover makes the video even more like a game.

We love the idea of this product and the result of the work so much that it seems to be one of our favorite videos. What do you think about this?

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