Animated Video Explainer by Inovit – HERMESGO

Inovit is bringing to life your creative ideas on how to promote your brand, services or application. And ready to assist you in any of your inquiries about video production. One of our creative videos was done for HERMESGO application. The mission of the company is to connect the freelance divers with the warehouse managers: sometimes, warehouses don’t have enough drivers to prevent rollover freight, but with HERMESGO, managers can easily request extra drivers on demand. HERMESGO provides a digital platform that allows carriers and couriers to join into a network that simply connects one with the other. The HERMESGO platform is so useful in the stay-at-home lifestyle that we decided to show the advantages of the platform for the customers, warehouse managers and drivers.

The purpose

The main purpose of the explainer video for HERMESGO was to describe the working process that connects Parcel shippers to drivers and the convenience of the platform/application. Our Inovit team should visualize the simplicity of the platform for the users by showing the UI and the operational process. The client wished to have a little storytelling about the warehouse manager using the HERMESGO.

The solution

Our team presented the video with 2D animation with storytelling. The story of the video is based on describing the new reality of online purchases and the capacity of the warehouses to transfer the orders to the buyers. The main hero of the video is a warehouse manager who is dealing with the new reality of quick on-line orders and finding the solution to become a part of HERMESGO to run the business faster. The video shows the potential customers the main steps how the platform helps for their business. Inovit team used the UI to make the process clearly for the audiens. The marketing video about the platform was created in blue corporate colors of the client with the smooth animation and cartoon illustration.

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