What can be the best shop assistant? Of course, the video!

The eternal question is: when does marketing become sales? In our opinion, the buyer should not notice this transition. The largest B2B companies are working with the right strategy, which, although it will create small growth, significantly improve sales and customer satisfaction. Now we’re explain how video can become an assistant in the transition between marketing and sales.

Imagine you go to the parking lot and download a special application where you can watch a video about any car that interests you. Augmented reality will help you learn its characteristics. The built-in calculator will immediately tell you the price to evaluate your financial capabilities. So you can make your judgments. Thanks to the application, you can learn more about the brand, and – to confirm such an important decision – send the video about the car to your beloved wife. And only after all these manipulations, you turn to the seller. This is the very power of the video, which is correctly placed in the path of the client.

Here are three simple reasons that will convince you that the video will be the best seller for you:

Reason # 1. The video has no hard days

The video is always the same. The video has no depression and quarrels with relatives in the morning. It is not difficult for him to concentrate on an important meeting with a potential client. After creating a great video that communicates wonderfully with customers, it will remain that way. The video can easily explain the characteristics of your product, you just need to formulate them correctly and it will delight customers daily. Think how simple it is! Regardless of the situation, the video will stop at nothing until it does its job.

Reason # 2. The video is always scripted

Sometimes there are days when it is hard for all of us to speak for any reason. Even if you know your company like five fingers, it’s not a fact that you won’t get into this situation. On such days, we stop feeling the essence of our products, we stop talking about it as if everyone needs it. Especially, we forget to say that to our customers. But you know, the video will never get away from the script. The video will always do the best. Just press the play button and all the important information will be on screen.

Reason # 3. Video can speed up sales

Video accelerates the sales process much faster.

People at the VP or C-Suite level are busy, they don’t have time to attend a webinar or go to dinner. But they can watch a 90 seconds video that contains all the necessary information. Imagine how easy the video is to distribute. It can meet with the leader in just a few minutes, whereas people can need a few weeks. As you already understand, this speeds up the sales process.

One final detail

If your company has excellent sellers, then they should not be afraid that the video will take away their work. On the contrary, the video will help them convince customers and make more profit. Competitive sellers want to close the sale quickly and win. The video will help brilliant sellers get the best commissions and more effective win.

Do you know why bad sellers won’t like this article? Everything is simple! A good video will reveal their inability to close the sale and reveal all their weaknesses.

We hope this article has helped you find out the benefits of a seller’s video. Be bolder and profit is not long in coming.