Using Video for Successful Promotion on Facebook

There have been some notable changes on Facebook as of late – the social media platform has been emphasizing video content viewership, more so than other forms of content.
The social media giant has taken advantage of aspects that have given other platforms so much attention (such a YouTube and Snapchat), and integrated those concepts with the existing perks of Facebook. The result: a platform that keeps viewers on the social network for significantly longer durations.
Marketers everywhere are excited about this paradigm shift. People spend 58 minutes on average using Facebook. So how can you make sure that most of that time is allocated to your content? Consider the following recommendations to isolate you from others on Facebook.

Publish Content on the Native Platform Directly

When marketing videos on Facebook, external links are not as effective as keeping users directly on the social network. As such, you are encouraged to upload your content directly to Facebook to make sure that as many eyes see it as possible. This is logical, keeping in mind that external video links go to sites Facebook competes with, including Vimeo and YouTube. It is believed that video content will make up for as much as 75% of mobile data traffic in the world by the year 2020. It stands to reason that Facebook will endeavor to dominate streaming resources.

Prioritize First Impressions

Your video will be judged by its first 5 seconds. More video content to browse through will result in attention spans being tested. That’s why it is so important to create consumable content! Catch the attention of your target market and show them why they shouldn’t skip to the next video in 5 seconds or less.

Quantify, Improve, Repeat

You shouldn’t be discouraged from gathering data about your video content’s analytics. You can browse through statistics from an independent tool or directly on Facebook with their Business App. Either option will show you what is attracting and retaining viewership. Use the data you are shown to improve future videos for the sake of enhancing engagement.

In Closing

Facebook is quickly diving into new, creative platforms for video consumption directly on its network, and that can influence your bottom line. Remain alert, be thorough about video formatting on Facebook, and get your brand ready for promotion during a video-centric revolution.