Unlocking the Magic of SaaS Explainer Videos

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Hey there, Inovit community! Ever wondered why explainer videos are the secret sauce in the SaaS world? Well, grab a seat because you’re in for a treat!


1. The Storytelling Powerhouse

Explainer videos? They’ve been the rockstars of SaaS marketing for ages! They’re not just videos; they’re storytelling geniuses that make complex software look like a piece of cake. They guide customers through the what, why, and how of your software, turning the complex into the captivating! It’s like giving your software a voice that says, “Hey, I’m here to make your life easier!”


2. Catching the Eye of the Decision Maker

In a world with around 17,000 SaaS providers in the U.S. alone, standing out is key. A well-crafted explainer video isn’t just another marketing tool; it’s a magnet for attention. It helps decision-makers understand your software in a flash, showcasing your brand’s personality through music, colors, and pacing. Imagine this: your video being the spotlight in a sea of software options!


3. The Sales Cycle Sidekick

SaaS explainer videos are like superheroes for every stage of the sales cycle. From sparking awareness to keeping customers loyal, they’re there through thick and thin. They’re like the best friend your sales team didn’t know they needed, feeding the funnel and helping seal the deal.


4. Beyond the Sale: Building Success

Think the magic stops after the sale? Think again! These videos are ace at onboarding and retaining clients. They’re like personal guides helping customers navigate your software, tackling issues, and building a trusty relationship with your brand. They keep your brand not just in their minds but in their hearts.


5. Tips for Top-Notch Videos

Want to make videos that work like a charm? Keep them short, sweet, and focused. Tailor them to each stage of the sales cycle, and make sure they scream “Inovit” in every frame. Your video should match your brand’s vibe – it’s like dressing your software in its Sunday best!


Some examples of SaaS Explainer Videos


1. 2D animated explainer video by Inovit – Avantiico

Avantiico is a business automation company and Microsoft Partner delivering integrated Microsoft Cloud solutions for Sales, Finance, Supply Chain, and Customer Service.


2. Explainer 2D video by Inovit – Elated

Elated Chat embodies the passion, experience, and complementary skillsets of three companies – SkillHire, One Night, and The Standard hotels. The companies’ leaders shared the vision of creating a communication solution designed for today’s mobile, on-demand economy while empowering the hotels to heighten the guest experience.


3. Whiteboard animated video by Inovit – ComplianceAuthor

Glemser is a world-class software and advisory services organization that helps manage compliance in regulated industries through high-quality technology and process solutions.


4.  2D animation video by Inovit – ePlus

ePlus delivers a full range of Strategic Technology Staffing solutions, including short-term, long-term, temporary-to-hire, and direct-hire IT professionals placed across the globe—from offices throughout the United States and in the United Kingdom. ePlus experts in securing those hard-to-find candidates with the unique technology skillset in demand to make your mission-critical projects a complete success.


5. Explainer video by Inovit – ePlus

ePlus is a leading security technology integrator with a broad solutions portfolio and strong industry relationships. The security team designs and delivers effective, integrated cybersecurity programs centered on culture and technology, aimed at mitigating business risk, empowering digital transformation, and enabling innovation.


Explainer videos are more than just marketing tools; they’re the bridge between your software and the customer’s understanding. They turn the complex into the understandable, the boring into the fascinating. It’s time to harness the power of SaaS explainer videos and let them work their magic for Inovit.


So, what’s your take? How have explainer videos transformed your understanding of a product? Let’s get this conversation rolling!