Unlock the Magic: 7 Game-Changing Tips for Working with Voice-Over Actors!

Lights, camera, audio! In the enchanting world of animated explainer videos, where story, animation, and audio unite, one element often steals the show. Drumroll, please! It’s audio, my friends, the unsung hero that can make or break your video masterpiece. But hold on tight, because we’re about to unveil the secret sauce for audio awesomeness. Get ready to learn the 7 jaw-dropping considerations when working with voice-over actors. Let’s dive in and make some audio magic!



Equipment & Studio: Unleash Studio Stardom!
Picture this: a voice-over artist armed with a top-notch microphone. We’re talking condenser microphones with XLR input, the rockstars of capturing vocal nuances. And when it comes to studios, think a sanctuary of sonic delight. A properly treated room, free from unruly background noise and echo, is the Holy Grail. Trust your ears and choose quality!


Background Noise: Silence, You Fiends!
While music adds flavor, we don’t want unexpected noise crashing the party. Keep your ears peeled for intruders. Aim for the industry standard noise limit of -60dBFS. Let’s hush the noise!


Sound Reflection: Banishing Echoes to Another Dimension!
Can you hear the haunting echoes? We won’t stand for it! Stick to the industry standard noise limit and slay the echoes. Let’s keep the focus on the voice, not the echoes!


Mouth & Body Noise: Silencing the Symphony of Stray Sounds!
Quirky noises like clicks, pops, and swallows? Vanquish these audio gremlins for an immaculate auditory experience. Eliminate distractions stealing the show!


Awkward Cadence & Operatives: Unleashing the Voice-Over Maestros!
It’s all about the magical flow of the spoken word. Direct with precision, guide their magical voice, and transform the script into a symphony of brilliance.


Ending Consonants: Embracing the Crispness Crusade!
Ensure those ending consonants shine! Polish the overall crispness to elevate your audio to new heights. Guide and direct for consonant delights!


Sibilance & DeEsser: Taming the Hissing Dragons!
Conquer sibilance, those hissing sounds that slither in. Use the mighty DeEsser to restore balance to your audio kingdom. Let every word shine bright!


There you have it, audio aficionados! The 7 secrets to working with voice-over actors and transforming your audio into enchantment. Remember, audio can make or break your video masterpiece. Pay attention to equipment, banish noise, eliminate distractions, fine-tune cadence, embrace consonants, and tame sibilance. Unleash the power of voice-over magic!

Go forth and create audio wonders! Reach out if you need more tips. Let’s make your voice-over adventures legendary!