Top 6 SEO Video Marketing Techniques That You Must Know

Today, we will share with you the top six video SEO techniques that will help you increase the visibility of your videos in SERP. So, without any delay, let’s get right into it…

Choosing the correct keywords with the help of Google Keyword Planner

To boost your SEO, the first and foremost step is the selection of the right keyword that describes your video. These keywords have to be relevant to your field and must also be a part of the question that your audiences ask.

A smart way to do that is by using an SEO tool. For most of us, the main source of videos is YouTube, we highly recommend you to use Google keyword planner. You can employ this free software to find the most relevant keywords for google and YouTube. Both of these platforms are rated as the most popular search engines.

By using this software, you can search for the right keywords and also find out how many times each keyword has been researched. You can even change the “Search Network” option to Google, you can receive information about other search engines like YouTube. This keyword planner was made as an SEM tool and that is why you must first set up a Google Add campaign before using the platform and don’t worry… it doesn’t necessarily have to be an active campaign.

Choose the right platform for video hosting

the video platform that you choose has a great impact on your video’s SEO. That is because not all platforms channel the traffic the same way. Some video hosting software like Vimeo and youtube tend to direct the traffic towards their website instead of your video. They might help you spread your content to the far ends but they were not created for video SEO!

There are good private video hosting sites like Sprout video and Wistia that channel the traffic towards your website and resultantly tell the search algorithms that your video is good.

Whichever video hosting platform you choose, make sure to first define the purpose of making your videos. If it is to boost more traffic towards your video, consider services that are designed for business instead of youtube.

Improve the Click-through rate of your videos

Click through rate of any video is vital for its SEO. For this, you need to take two things into special consideration. Your videos ‘title’ and ‘thumbnail’. These two are usually the deciding factor for the viewer to either click your video or leave it. So, to gain a more click-through rate, you need to make sure that the thumbnail is interesting and tempts the viewer to watch the video. You can even create custom thumbnails and edit them using software like Canva.

Be careful to always keep your video thumbnail as interesting and relevant otherwise you can be believed to be click-baiting. This can affect your repute in the eye of the video platform.

Insert a good video title and description

As discussed before, the title of your video is really important. It helps your viewer in getting the idea of relevance before clicking the video. That is why always choose and optimize the title and description of your video. You can do this by using the correct terms in your videos.

This might sound easier than it is. Remember to add a natural tone to your sentences and make sure that it doesn’t look like that the words are forced into the description. The title plays an important role in your click-through rates and that is why it should be carefully drafted to be natural and attractive. Let me give you a pro tip: Add parentheses into your video title to explain the fuller picture of your video. This builds the interest of the viewer and prompts them to click on the video.

Add Captions and Transcripts

You have to provide everything necessary to your viewers to help them get the right content. If you don’t know, transcripts are the files explaining the complete content of the video in a text file. Before the viewer watches the video, they are there to scrap the text provided by you. That is why it is better to provide more information about the video to the user by giving a transcript that contains all the relevant terms that your viewer might be interested in. transcripts boost your video SEO directly.

Apart from the direct effect, providing more text also has an indirect benefit. There is all sort of people scrolling the internet and some of them might have a hearing impairment. Detailed text can interest such viewers. Sometimes viewers are more interested in the text as compared to the video. Here captions and transcripts can help you land extra views!

Indexing your videos

The viewers tend to be a little lazy when exploring the internet for videos. As soon as they find one relevant video of their interest, they stop searching and clicking videos. This way only one video of your channel will get the views and the rest will remain ignored.

This is where the indexing comes in! You should organize your videos as per their relevance. Place the video that is most relevant to a search first. You can even consider making a separate webpage for every video. With this in mind, give indexing its due attention as it can surprisingly boost video SEO.