Top 4 Trends in Explainer Videos to Expect In 2021

1. Education videos

This video trend involves a learning tone and is one of the most trending trends in the year 2021. If the Coronavirus has taught us one thing, it is that if businesses want to survive and thrive in the modern world, they have to maintain an online presence. During the lockdown, a lot of the countries employed modern teaching methods like online lectures, training sessions, and digital classes to the employees and students as new ways of learning.

In the coming year, Explainer videos will be used more often than before to summarize information, lectures, and training. These videos will help simplify the more sophisticated subjects and make them easy to learn.

2. Augmented Reality

The augmented reality video has gained popularity in recent years and will surely be a rising trend in the year 2021. As technology is advancing, marketers have developed creative ways to connect the audience with their services and products.

With the help of computer-generated footage and realistic surroundings, augmented reality videos have the potential to deliver great results for video marketers.

By combining the explainer videos with the concept of modern Augmented reality technology, brands can now offer a more interactive and immersive experience to their customers like never before. These videos might be a bit expensive but they are totally worth it because of the outstanding results they have produced. So, will augmented reality be trending in the year 2021? Definitely, yes!

What’s more? The remarkable experience and the incredible visuals will make your brand or services unforgettable. This will help you achieve your marketing objectives more effectively.

3. Storytelling video

Everyone loves a good story! It is perhaps the most effective and viral trend of all time. It started with the start of video animation and it is there to stay. And why not? Undoubtedly, the best way to captivate interest and deliver a message is by the use of storytelling videos.

These explainer videos deliver the message of your brand more effectively. Companies like Unilever and Google are using this technique to create inspiring and memorable videos.

Think about it! A good storytelling video will develop an urge in your audience to learn more about your brand. As your audience learns and grows, be sure to have a trustworthy presence that delivers what it promises.

4. Liquid motion

Liquid motion is the newest and the most captivating trend to enter the market in the year 2021. From smooth visuals to transforming objects, liquid motion videos are highly engaging and simply amazing!

The liquid objects moving from here to there in a continuous fashion captivate your attention like none other. It keeps your viewers engaged by morphing one object into another and keeping it interesting until the end. There is no need to cut or join a video, scenes simply morph into each other giving a smooth and connected touch to your video.

Liquid motion is a time-taking project and also has a higher cost compared to other trends but it is also worth the extra cost.

So, let us know what you think about our top trends and if we have missed any trends on our list! We hope to see you again really soon…