TOP 10 Custom Explainer Videos from Inovit Studio

Inovit animation studio prepares for you the breakdown of the top 10 custom explainer videos about online applications, platforms, digital solutions and technologies that effectively works for the main client’s aims.

1. Near

The first on the list is the 2D explainer for the NEAR application. NEAR is developing software and partner programs to make it possible for stores of all sizes to improve how they service their customers. Inovit created the colorful 2D animation explainer video for the NEAR platform to make potential clients understand the product of the company. The video is simple, entertaining and understandable.

2. Stella Nova

It is a digital advice platform that enables self-managed investors to easily navigate the path toward their financial objectives. Stella Nova is presented as an investment model that is adjusted according to the user profile from the questionnaire. Stella Nova is visualized by the main character as a lady in a blue jumpsuit in the video. The character makes a confident spirit for the audience that the human financial professionals manage the user’s money. The video conveys a complete connection to the client’s brand through the use of corporate style, colors and logo. The video storytelling is well-built and understandable for all users or potential new users.

3. ReTV Topics, Compass solutions

Topics Compass is a visual analytics dashboard that allows users to navigate news stories across digital media channels, and analyze them to identify topics that are attracting public attention. The main hero of the explainer is using the Topics Compass which is a visual dashboard that enables to:
– Monitor news stories and online discussions;
– Analyze how these stories are being told and identify the topics that are trending;
– Compare cross-lingual data across different sources;
– Predict the stories destined to be popular in the near future.
All the benefits above were described in the video in logical slide order with smooth original transitions.

4. Cognize

The new explainer video for one of our clients in the internet technology industry called Cognize. Cognize specializes in AI-based processing of financial information. Cognize has successfully developed a fully automated solution to process balance sheets and income statements, commonly known as financial spreading. The video is done in bright pinkish colors which helps to raise the interest of the audience to get to know more about the platform and bring a cheerful mood during the video lookup. The platform visualization is done through futuristic and techno illustrations with a combination of smooth animation.

5. EXXcellent

The video is done for the German market, with the German voice-over. The 2D animation is bright, dynamic and describes the working process of the company.

6. Simba

The video project for Simba – the bank for immigrants. It can help by providing access to financial products and services that make it easier to save, and support loved ones. Simba is also focused on improving access to financial education and is committed to investing a portion of its profits back into the communities it serves. The video describes the Simba services very accurately and understandable by using a professional voice-over in 2D animation with colorful characters of different nationalities.

7. Service Direct

It generates exclusive purchase-ready Leads for the business through a transparent pay-per-lead platform. We enjoyed adapting the script by Service Direct, using a mix of 2D character animation and motion graphics, in the corporate color palette. Animation takes you on a journey through the platform Service Direct to make you understand how the platform operates.

8. Lava

Lava company provides Custom CRM/Dialer Solutions and outsources work to Virtual Assistants in the Philippines. The video contains the story about the main hero-the lady who was getting busy with the back office tasks and then used the Lava service to organize her working process. The main benefits of Lava are visualized that the company is true and quality support for an affordable cost for its potential customers.

9. Propeller

It’s a fully automated end-to-end underwriting platform to help the agency convert surety bonds from a nuisance to an opportunity. The video is produced in 2D animation style with characters. The animation video contains the character who presents the step-by-step visual manual of the platform. The Propeller application highlights are represented in the video as a bolt-on surety department where agencies get access to surety carriers, surety experts, agency-branded technology, and additional market leads. During the production process of the explainer video, our creative team used corporate colors and logos to make the audience interact with the client’s product.

10. Branded Surveys

The 2D explainer video is created for the Branded Surveys. They pair companies that need market insight with people who want to earn extra money. Companies get helpful insights, and members get an incredible survey-taking experience. Branded Surveys is the best platform for members to voice their opinion. The animation of the video is smooth, dynamic and the voice-over is understandably describing the work of the Branded Surveys platform.

Our animation Inovit studio believes that these 10 perfect examples of explainers for digital products can inspire you without any doubt. They can lead your ideas to the efficient explainer project that is the essential tool for the ideal marketing strategy.

If you have any questions, contact our team and our manager will assist you with any of your requirements.