TOP 10 Product Explainer Videos from Inovit Studio

Get ready for the great lively TOP 10 product explainer video projects from Inovit studio that can instantly inspire you.

1. FreeWave platform

The explainer performed in 2D animation style. The video contains all information about the Fusion Satellite IIoT Gateway product. To make the video more lively and bright, our Inovit team used light-colored illustrations. The main character helps the audience to get full and structured information about Fusion Satellite IIoT Gateway.

2. ProBoost

ProBoost Thymic Protein A is a natural supplement that supports the immune system and helps jump-start optimal immune response. The video is performed in 2D animation with characters as per the client’s order. The video was illustrated in an extraordinary manner with a cartoonish touch. The video contains medical concepts to make audiences understand the function of the human body and the influence of ProBoost on it.

3. JustLight

The idea of the explainer video is to emphasize the problem that people don’t understand/believe in red light therapy. The explainer video is performed in 2D animation with characters. Our Inovit team showed in the video the main hero-the boy, who is using the red light product, and its benefits on human health. The video illustration was done in bright contrast colors with a simple drawn style. The video fully uncovers the advantages of phototherapy, or “light medicine”.

4. iScope

The Inovit team made the 2D explainer video for bitCare and its innovative product- iScope. The product is specially created for women’s health. A video is full of fun characters who are describing the advantages of the product. The professional voice-over made the information more interactive and understandable for the users.

5. Earth&Star Products

The company earth & star decided to promote the new beverages based on functional mushrooms. The 2D animation of the video is fun, colorful and very dynamic. We decided to use pastel colors, shades closer to the corporate colors.

6. Reform Wellness

This is the 3D video for our client Reform Wellness. The video has soft transitions and beautiful models of the products. We fully enjoyed creating the video.

7. Nimbus

Stratus Medical Company asked us to create the 3D video for their innovative product to prevent spine pain called Nimbus. The Nimbus Multi-tined Expandable Electrode provides an easy-to-use, efficient solution to create a large 8mm-10mm prolate spheroid lesion for relief of pain. The size and shape of the Nimbus lesion were derived to create an optimal lesion geometry. The video contained the product presentation, diagrams and the process of how it works on the human body.

8. ApnoDent

The video was performed in 2D-style animation. In the video, our scriptwriter created the story about the lady called Jenna, who is tired and depressed during the day because of sleep apnea. The main hero can’t tolerate a CPAP device, and how annoying it is to use. Later we are presenting the ApnoDent product and its advantages compared with other products and its unique technology.

9. Wrist Coaches and Wristbands

The 2D animation video. This Heavy-Duty Wristband is designed to fit adult players of any sport, such as football, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, tennis, jogging, and more! Just look at these cute characters – they are funny and interesting, easily remembered by the viewers. Soft colors and attributes of victory create a positive image around the brand and cause only positive emotions.


The 3D product animation video. The presentation of the beverage machine that can dispense accurately any chosen liquid. The forms and shapes of the device are visualized realistically by 3D graphics. The video displays the equipment operation process.


All these videos are examples of 2D and 3D animation on how the simple and colorful product explainers can grab the attention of potential customers and lead them to the target action.
Inovit is pleased to offer the service to create an effective and interesting explainer for your product. Whatever your challenge, we would love to discuss it.