Landing Page Videos Can Increase Conversions

Let’s face it, bringing visitors to your website is critical for the growth and well-being of any business whether large or small. Landing page videos are an excellent tool for increasing our SEO and search ranking for keywords that bring more people to your site but that’s only half the story.    You have to convert visitors into active leads and eventually into active customers.  As we have discussed, one of the most effective conversion tools is having an explainer video.

B2B buyers and other consumers are increasing their presence with online resources especially those with videos to make the purchasing decision process easier.  If you want to increase conversions you must meet buyers where they are making purchasing decisions with an explainer video that not only increases awareness for your product and brand but actually has the power to convert them on the spot.

Landing page professionals believe that embedding videos on a landing page can increase your conversions by 80%! That is absolutely amazing ROI for your videos.  In actuality, that’s not as surprising once you realize how perfect videos are for increasing conversions.

The following will give you leading reasons why animated explainer videos are so well balanced to increase conversion rates:


Your Elevator Pitch For The Digital Age With Landing Page Videos

Technology is constantly changing but you must be sue your elevator pitch is ready to go!  Over time, consumers have become increasingly impatient so it’s really important to a business to express vital information for a product or brand in as short an amount of time as is humanly possibly. It’s important that you express at least the following:

  • Who Are You?
  • What Do You Do?
  • Is What You Do Different From Your Competitors?
  • How All Of This Benefits A Potential Customer?

Even though you probably agree about the above questions and their importance, you might not realize it’s not just what you say but how you place these questions in the right order while on the path of purchase.


The Landing Page Videos Should Give Customers What They Want

The one thing we all know, people want to find solutions to their problems and they want the answers quickly. Information, explanations, product features, reviews, or whatever else it is buyers demand value from sites they are visiting and they demand value in a matter of seconds.

If you can answer their questions or reduce their concerns in the first few minutes of visiting your site you will create enormous authority and improve the path to conversions along with future interactions. The value is brand loyalty quite simply.

There are two key factors that are central to the modern consumer’s buying when you are creating your landing page explainer video:


An Explainer Video Will Always Beat Images & Text

As much as we all want product descriptions or a great photograph or infographic, it just cannot match the overall value of a video.

According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, the average attention span is only 8.25 seconds which means you have less than ten seconds to capture a visitor’s attention before they become distracted by something else.  If you don’t grab them quickly, you may lose them forever.

Videos can dig to a deeper level:

People are more than 27 times more likely to click on an online video ad than a statistic banner. ad.

Videos will receive 1.200% more attention than text and images, combined.

On average users will spend 88% more time on a website with videos.

Visitors who view videos will stay on a website an average of 2 minutes longer than sites that do not.  Visitors are 64% a great deal more likely to make a purchase.

70% of marketing professionals believe that video converts are better than any other medium.

Even though these stats are quite impressive, keep in mind, they refer to all videos in general. Not all videos are created to convert the same way. Explainer videos are better than most online videos especially for conversions due to their impressive Call To Action (CTA) endings.


Call To Action Leads To Conversions

If you have ever thought how great it would be if you could just grab your audience by the hand and lead them to your conversion page, well you can! That is exactly what your call-to-action (CTA) at the end of your explainer video is meant to do.

Your explainer video offers a golden opportunity to convert prospects into buyers.  If your audience has made it to the end of the video, they are interested!  All that’s left to do is ask them to Fill Out Your Form!  “Sign up or our mailing list”. Take full advantage of this incredible deal being offered today.”

A clear and direct Call-To-Action guides the audience to the next step which is exactly what creates conversions. So, why would you not use explainer videos on your site considering it’s the best way to get prospects to take action?


Simply, Explainer Videos Convert!

Animated explainer videos convert so well, they can go on forever. Explainer videos, especially when animated, will not go out of style as quickly as live-action.  Trends do not change in animation as they do in other videos. That means you might be able to use an animated explainer video for years to come.

As an example, In 2007, Dropbox launched cloud storage which is an amazing empire.   Even though they might not be the powerhouse they were before, they are still very much alive 10 years later by driving conversions While the live-action video is quite powerful, it does not age as well as animated content. In other words, an animated video will seem newer and fresher for a longer period of time.

Animation is one of those things that does not expire and in a world where everyone is looking for the next big thing, that is no small feat!

Explainer videos will “explain” your business in seconds, will entice prospects, communicate effectively, build rapport, and increase brand identity.  In other words, it just increases your conversions with explicit CTAs.

If you do not have a landing page video, it’s time to get to work and watch your conversions leap!

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