How to make an Awesome App Explainer Video

If you are thinking about making an explainer video to build engagement and promote your mobile application then you are in the right place. Here, we will show you how to go about it.

There are many applications in the app store. Yet every application is different as it serves a special purpose. The number of apps in the Appstore is ever-growing and that is why competition is increasing as well. If you want to survive, it is important to stand out in the market. But it is not as easy as it sounds! It is a challenge for app owners to come up with creative and attractive ways to introduce their apps to new users. This is where the explainer video comes in. Explainer videos not only enhance engagement but also boosts awareness among the viewers.

Video making is a complicated process. There are many steps involved in making a video such as writing a script, storyboarding, creating illustrations, making animations, doing voiceover, and sound production. But there are some basics of any app explainer video creation that you need to know before you begin to work on the animation production process. Now we will share with you five highly effective practices to help you create high-performance app explainer videos.

App Explainer Video

It is a marketing video that describes a mobile app, its core features, its mission, value, and advantages to convince the user to try it. The video also mentions where the app can be bought from. It is an easy-to-understand and clear way to introduce the video to new users, explain its value, and communicate its essence.

Usually, the app explainer video includes a user interface and its design. It can be accomplished by displaying the app screen through screencasting video or alternatively by replicating the interface in an animated video. The fundamental purpose of an app explainer video is to attract users, build user loyalty, and convince them to use the product.

1. Build an intrigue of the app

The first step is to capture the attention of the audience. For that, you will need to create the intrigue of the product and make the viewers think about it. You can achieve this by including sound effects, interesting metaphors and by incorporating branding. All of this is used to engage the viewer and increase their interest in the video. Intrigue is a vital part of app marketing which leaves a memorable mark on its viewers and keeps the video interesting.

2. Present the problem and offer a solution

It is necessary to explain the usage of your application and how it can help the user in dealing with their daily challenges. Moreover, it is also important to tell the audience that what kind of problems can be solved with the app and how. A good way of doing that is by making a short story where the user is struggling with an issue. Then introduce the application and show how it helps the user overcome the challenge and facilitates the user.

3. Screencasting of app

Screencasting is an effective way to show the working of the application. It is simply a digital video of the screen of your mobile while using the application and it usually includes a voiceover that explains the working. A screencast can also be called a screen recording. It is equivalent to a screenshot when a picture is taken. It is a really effective way to demonstrate the working of the application and share its user interface with the user to give an idea about the application. Screencasting can be made even more effective by combining it with a live-motion video or an animated video.

4. Showcase the unique features of your app

Always mention the competitive advantages offered by your application. It is the most fundamental part of app marketing and no app explainer video should be created without it. Maybe it’s the amazing design, the modern technology, or the interesting user interface which makes your app unique and stand out from the rest. Whatever it is, highlight it and make sure your audience hears about it. This one is a must-have for your explainer video and is great for audience engagement.

5. Season it with humor

Who doesn’t like good humor? Improve the mood of your audience by adding a bit of humor to the video. It earns the trust and loyalty of the viewers at the same time. It is a great way to establish an emotional and personal connection with the user. Humor can be incorporated in voiceover, story, visuals, or the animated logo at the end of the video.

So, there it is! I hope we have been able to provide you with useful tips for making your app explainer videos more engaging and interesting. Feel free to share this with your friends if you have found it useful.


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