Discover How Marketers Are Adapting During The COVID-19 Crisis


Like most other industries, marketing has to adapt to the constant COVID-19 crisis. In many different ways, the pandemic and global economic decline, there are many changes in how marketers are creating content, communicating with their clients, while still achieving their goals.


Passionate marketers will always find ways to promote their products and services while understanding the hardships facing their customers.

At INOVIT, more and more people are seeing excellent investments in animation over live-action videos. INOVIT is seeing many of their clients moving in that direction and businesses are adapting to their marketing needs by finding new innovative ways to get their messages out to the public.  In order to help you learn about these changes, we have reached out to fellow marketers and asked them how they are dealing with the COVID-19 crisis.

Ken Kerry, Co-Founder, CEO and Executive Creative Director of “Script To Screen”, said the word for the “new normal’ is adaptation. Adaptation is the means to adapt to the needs of consumers, showing respect for production crews’ challenges, and adapting to timelines being stretched due to off-site working norms while demands are even more hectic than ever.  On top of that, it’s adapting to ZOOM calls.

While all this new norm might seem overwhelming, it comes with new challenges to create room for opportunities. Marketers are constantly finding ways to build customer relationships and meet their customers’ new needs.

While everyone is living with the pandemic, many marketers as well as clients are questioning if they should continue to advertise or forget about it for the time being. While some are trying to find out how to cut costs, others seem to believe that marketing during this time is insensitive or are looking for any opportunity they might stumble upon. Many businesses believe they should keep their marketers informed but never completely stop.

According to James Costa of Jim Costa Films, believes businesses should encourage their clients to embrace the new norm rather than run away Some companies make a mistake in their advertising to stop advertising all together during this economic crisis while it seems only common sense to cut costs before closing down various locations or laying off the employees.  This will only harm their business in the long run. It’s really critical to keep your business fresh in the minds of your clients by advertising so when this crisis passes they will stand strong. Not advertising will only make you weaker.

Founder and CEO of GetFit Marketing, Kelsie Collins, said it’s important to always include the human touch in marketing during the pandemic.  It will benefit brands if you are as human as possible.  You cannot just keep ignoring the pandemic and remaining silent.  You can address this crisis in a way that is genuine and empathetic.


How To Adapt Your Business Showing Your Customers You Care About Them

Michael Anderson along with his team at GeoJango Maps discovered a way to adjust their marketing and address changing customer needs.  They sell educational maps for kids and want to position these maps as a homeschooling tool due to schools being shut down across the country.

Anderson said while they do not mention the crisis in their marketing, they do mention that parents can encourage their children to learn geography in the comfort of their homes.  Marketers should understand how the crisis is affecting their customers or targeted audience and show how their products and services will benefit their audience They must be able to articulate why their product or service is the absolute solution.

Jenifer Johnson of JJ Media Productions decided to connect with her current clients.  She reached out to her clients that know her and trust her work and gave them new ideas.  She wrote individual emails to them and let them know that she had hoped for their marketing ideas, listed a few suggestions, and encouraged more conversation between them.  Her clients were very excited that someone else believed in their business and took the initiative to help.

Marketers at Concurrent Productions discovered a way to remove some of the barriers that prevented their clients from creating new marketing videos.

Kerri Feazell CEO, said they built a compact lighting camera and microphone kit that they could ship to clients.  After giving clients step-by-step instructions of filming,  Feazell’s team edited and produced the videos using their normal process.

Many other marketers have discovered new sources of raw content to create outstanding marketing videos.  According to Mike Dominick, VP Growth at SDA Media, they have found large amounts of value in user-generated content as the main ingredient for an impressive brand spot.  Licensing funny, emotional and loving moments by regular people who are posting and creating a large brand story has given the opportunity to speak to consumers in a much more realistic way.  This is without having to gather a large production team on the set.

Some marketers have discovered ways to reach beyond their traditional roles and help clients achieve their goals.  Mike Perlow, owner of Perlow Productions, said he has been working with clients to move from in-person events and conferences to video streaming and virtual services. Perlow learned that in-person commencements would be fading out, he created “virtual graduation productions” to assist schools recognize graduates in a fun, exciting way that would engage students along with their families. He worked with schools to create customized videos that include much of the same pomp and circumstance of the commencement.

This kind of support shows you care about your customers or clients and you are willing to use your resources to help them achieve their goals.


Adjusting Your Workflow

Creative marketing must be supported by a flexible workflow that will let marketers get the job done.  According to Tristan Olson Executive Producer at Venture said clients still need content, but they cannot currently produce traditional shoots. Along with his team, they have found creative ways to film such as streaming, inside their homes using small crews using PPE, with social distancing.  They have introduced more motion graphics and animation into their videos. He said they have accomplished a lot using existing footage and good, clean motion graphics.

Marketers are finding new ways to adapt and adjust during the Covid-19 crisis.  While everyone faces challengers, many are discovering solutions that serve their clients, grow their businesses, and build strong relationships.

Manuela Senatore, Founder & CEO of Skills Productions believes that adaptability is key to meeting their customers’ needs.  He is spending more time with business owners to learn about their concerns. He’s collaborating with others to keep his skills sharp.

Videos adaptability is perfect for the new normal and the future.


Marketers are also ADAPTING.  For businesses working through the new norm, INOVIT is here to help you out. Contact our team of video marketing experts to create quality video content.


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