Best lifehacks for video RFP

We decided to tell you about a few important moments, that you should remember while making video RFP. Probably, you already know that it’s worth to include the history of the company, basic information about the project, budget, deadlines to the video. That’s why we gonna talk about different important details.

Show references through links

The references will explain your idea better. It will save time to understand the task. Moreover, then video studio will be able to add up a more accurate price for the work. In video making, the price ranges from style, design, animation wishes. The better you describe an idea, the more references you find, the higher the likelihood of making a quality final product for fair payment. You can show the videos that you like, or those that you did yourself, or even just beautifully designed pictures. If you need inspiration for this, then Wine After Coffee, Motionographer, Vimeo Staff Picks, Behance.

If you have no idea about the project in your head, then outline at least the main important points. Will there be a video in 2D or 3D, what style of sketches to use, etc. In any case, this option is better than just a document with a description. After all, any characteristic of the video can be evaluated in different ways. Links will help to remove all the innuendo.

Indicate how many agencies you are willing to consider for your project

It may seem to you that if you do not indicate the number of bets, then you will receive a million offers and you can leisurely choose what suits you. Actually, that doesn’t work like that.

Any studio needs to see with whom they are competing, or at least know the number of competitors. Understanding how high the contention is, the animation studio will carefully work out its proposal and will generally be more responsible for the project. Without indicating the number of bets, you show the need and misunderstanding of your own idea. Believe me, from our experience we can say with confidence that the transparency of this number will provide you with high-quality competition and more rates.

Do not be afraid to ask about the verification process

In Inovit, we noticed that the customer most often does not want to control all the moments, but nevertheless, it is important for him to understand how the processes are going. If you, as a customer, understand that there will be many questions in the project and that it will be necessary to do several stages of verification, do not hesitate to talk about it with the contractor. You can just ask the agency how they were in such situations and make a plan convenient for both parties. For example, you know for sure that the work will need to be shown to lawyers to avoid problems. Tell about it and indicate it in the future work plan.

It is better to discuss all dubious issues on the shore, or right away when they arise.

Ask for customer reviews or partnership projects

How to understand that responsible and adequate guys work in the studio? In such situations, the best solution is grapevine or customer reviews. If the studios have nothing to be ashamed of, they will easily show you feedback from previous customers, or partnership projects. By requesting such information, you will make sure that the studio interacts well with clients. As a review, videos of previous clients, statistics, indicators of previous projects, etc. are suitable. Or you can just chat directly with studio clients. Do not be afraid to ask such questions and seem incredulous.

Ask the video agency what they are best at

When you start communication with the performer, the studio will tell about itself, show the portfolio, website, etc. But try to ask what the guys are the best at and how they differ from others. This question is very sobering. You can learn about the strengths and weaknesses of the partner, about his positioning and the values of the team.

Learn about the composition of the team

Ask who works in the agency team. And if your project is large, then at the same time you can ask who will be involved in the work.

So, you will learn the structure of the video agency, the principles of the company and understand how they can help you. Such a trifle will help to establish contact with the project team and get the most out of cooperation.

The RFP Process

Create a request, rub our paws and wait for a million responses. No, that doesn’t work.

Ideally, the video RFP should be as follows.

Send RFP to several different agencies (no more than 10)

Waiting for the agency to consider the project (~ 2-3 days)

Call up, write off, meet to discuss the details.

Create an RFP application based on this, send it.

Choosing the best studio.

Meet again or call up and clarify the details.

Close the RFP application.

Inovit selected!

We understand that it’s unusual and difficult to choose performers for big projects this way. And we really appreciate it when customers take such a step. But, in fact, an understanding of this responsibility adds quality to the work. And if for your part you will not show doubts, ask questions, then the result will be absolutely perfect.

Ultimately, the quality of proposals received from agencies is directly proportional to the quality of your application. You compose everything correctly – you get what you need.