Animated video – the best way to promote mobile app

If you have ever worked on creating a mobile application, then you probably came across a question about its promotion. Today we have many tools for promoting the product, but not all are suitable for the application. If you develop the right marketing strategy, you can attract more users and recapture the budget spent on advertising.

Video – so far, the most popular type of content that is suitable for different products and services. According to market research, in 2020, 80% of our traffic will consist of videos. Those are good prospects.

When you choosing a video, you should think about what and how to shoot. For example, not all products may use a regular commercial. Especially if you take the scope of digital. Based on our experience, we advise to make videos in the explainers format.

Here are a few reasons why an explainer animation is best for promoting mobile apps. We’ll also tell you how to use this marketing tool.

Firstly. People like animated videos

A well-made animated video captures the user’s attention. Attractive and high-quality content will always stand out and it will benefit you. And a well-made content about mobile apps is a win-win.

According to statistics, the video in your feed /on the landing page will be able to retain the client’s attention and motivate him to stay on your site longer. So, he will find out more information about the product. The average audience retention for a minute explorer is 77%.

Google also backed up this information by posting information, that explainer animated video is best for news apps. This is justified by the fact that the download speed is increased and it is more practical for the viewer.

Secondly. Explainers better convey the idea

Explainers can talk about your product the best. Talk about the benefits of the application, show its main functions and advantages, give an example of its use – and all this in one minute. The main thing is to approach the creation of video in all seriousness. And then, you will succeed in creating a convincing and interesting animated video.

Thirdly. They create a brand image

With the help of an animated explainer, you can create a style, brand atmosphere, make users associate with you while watching videos. The videos help to create an emotional connection with the viewer, which makes the brand unique and recognizable.

Besides, these videos increase conversion by an average of 20%.

To summarize the thought, it’s possible to say that the animated videos immediately perform two functions: they talk about your product and help to create brand value and personality.

Finally. It is profitable

We already wrote above that the explainer animated video is the most cost-effective option for advertising. Creating an animated video will cost you several times less than, for example, broadcasting or shooting long commercials. Also, your video will be able to explain to the user the benefits of your application.

Animated videos are designed to explain, persuade and transform.

If you consider that the market of mobile applications is already full, then you will understand that explainers are the best and almost the only way to convey your idea and stand out from the crowd.

As evidence, 64% of customers say that they often buy a product or service online after watching a video about it.

To summarize our thoughts, explainers are the most economically profitable way to promote a product from which you can get the most out of it.

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