4 reasons why you need to plan a series of videos?

When creating TV shows, it’s difficult to plan one video. Do you think that creating a series of videos will be difficult? So, this is much simpler than it might seem at first glance. Creating a video series is easier if you are already on your way to creating one video. You just need to add a few steps that will further increase the benefits of your marketing efforts.

There are 4 reasons why you will realize that a series of videos will be much more effective:

Coverage of the entire product line

Videos can quickly show all the benefits of your products, so customers have confidence in them. Thanks to a series of videos, you can easily convey an idea and illustrate your services, which can be difficult to understand or if they are not easy to portray. Your products can become much more interesting thanks to creativity, such as the Blendtec blender. These blenders became famous thanks to the Will it Blend series, in which they grind anything.

Video series for sales funnels

Medium and large businesses, before making a purchasing decision, will carefully study your products. This is exactly a great opportunity to create a video for building a sales line. Planning a video can help smoothly progress through the stages of a sales funnel. You should start with content about the spirit and ideas of your company, as well as an explanatory video. Then you can move on to a more serious and sophisticated video, where your prospects, uniqueness, and value of your company will be presented. Thanks to videos that are aligned with the sales funnel, your customers will be allowed to make informed decisions easier.

You can use a series of videos as an FAQ

For many people, it’s easier to get familiar with the products and instructions online before making a final decision. Thanks to this, the best option for you would be to create screencasts or animated videos. A video can even solve a problem faster than talking to a support representative. Thanks to these videos, you can answer the question of your potential buyer at any time of the day in just a couple of minutes.


Educational videos


Not always a video should be customer-oriented; it can serve as a training function. No matter what you want to present: getting to know the software, installing a product, or politics — a series of videos can be a unique way to ensure that your employees understand the right message.

Retail presents a great opportunity to use video as an explanation of customer service and sales. People can use a series of videos to teach or repeat teaching materials, various courses, and political procedures. If new employees have appeared in your company, then thanks to such videos it will be easier for them to get to know you closer and facilitate the work for employees.


A series of videos can simplify your life very well, but remember that you need to look for an individual approach to everything. Thanks to the creative approach, many companies use similar videos at trade shows, etc. Eloqua recently released a video series about the travel of a marketer. The 20-page guide has become a video journey for a few minutes. Ease of learning is what matters. Thanks to early planning, such series become universal for various marketing strategies and approaches.

Our professional team will help you bring your ideas to life. We will create videos that are universal and innovative in use.