10 Whiteboard Video Examples for Business

Want to know more about the best explainer video projects for doodle videos? Inovit picked the Top 10 whiteboard animation videos. Whiteboard explainers are usually called doodle videos.

Doodle videos is a unique, engaging video style that can bring your thoughts to the audience and helps to reach sales points.

The whiteboard animation video style is the presentation of the hand drawing static illustration that is accompanied by a narration that leads the audience’s attention through the main vision and mission of the explainer story. The narrator is explaining the story to the audience, leading by the illustrations.

Best 10 doodle videos from Inovit studio. Enjoy watching them and get inspired:


The company invented the new device which is a simple, lightweight solution. It holds your bags, so you can move freely and balance throughout the day. INY supports your back, and urban lifestyle too. Video helps to show all the advantages of the new device.


The 2M OFFICE SHIELD which supports companies in offering their staff safe working offices with 2M Office Shield, a turn-key, cost-effective, and rapidly deployed solution allowing ongoing physical distancing yet still maintaining collaborative environments and the open plan feeling. The video is fun and classically illustrated in the whiteboard style.

3. Hundred Acre Consulting

It is a full-service, certified franchise consulting and development firm with over eight years experience consulting clients about the franchise industry. The video is performed in a whiteboard animation style that presents the workflow of the firm. Talking about, illustrations are in white and black colors that help grab the audience’s attention on the important part of the explainer. The video consists of the characters and text followed with the voice-over.

4. Leadcrunch

The company application works on targeting for programmatic ads and content syndication. Leadcrunch takes a list of the best customers, people with whom the company already had success, and uses artificial intelligence to build a B2B lookalike audience of companies that should be targeted. The doodle video displayed the full idea of the solution and its benefits. The illustrations were done in a sketch style with soft black lines that gives accuracy to the video concept.

5. Intelichek

The video tells the story about the new solution as Source for competitive market intelligence. Intelichek is helping you understand the local market competitors. Intelichek researches the local competitors. Intelichek calls them to understand their prices, specials, and offerings then turns the data into an easy-to-digest report. The video has a whiteboard style with simple and cute characters, the storytelling is performed logically with the professional voice-over artist in the background.

6. Dealership Glass

It is a full-service automotive glass shop for passenger cars, vans, trucks, light commercial vehicles, and class c motor homes. In the video, we completely showed all sides of the company’s services. Simple but really pertinent illustrations that have been moved into motion and formed an amazing result at the end.

7. Commercial Mortgage Connection

This is a perfect example of a whiteboard animation video. This company prospects, researches, and tests private nonbank lenders active in today’s marketplace. The explainer is simple and easy to watch. Understandable voice-over and cheerful music in the background are all you need for a good commercial.


The prime example of the whiteboard animation created for the TEXAS FOLD’EM. The simple rules of the poker game. The TEXAS FOLD’EM is implemented to online and offline tables. The illustrations are colored in bright shading and have cartoonish characters. The video is done according to the client’s request and visualization of TEXAS FOLD’EM working sides and processes.

9. Tango Health

Helps companies to guide employees to choose and use their health plans and to help employers stay compliant with the ACA. This program takes care of all the basic tasks associated with medical insurance, payments, managing sick leave, etc. All the characters in the explainer animated video are drawn in an easy and simple manner, and a small comic strip unfolds in front of the viewer. Or it can be compared with the presentation that Tango Health experts give us. The voice-over and text create the feeling that the professional talks to you.

10. HBRascend

It is a learning companion from Harvard Business Review designed specifically to aid young millennials and graduating students from India on their academic and professional journey. HBRascend helps to develop and continuously improves the soft skills necessary to be productive and effective at work, as well as provide you with daily news to keep up the ongoing learning process. The doodle video points deeply on the advantages of the newsletter that support young people in the working world and help to realize their personal and career goals.


Inovit is motivated and driven by the desire to fulfill the needs of the clients and produce quality effective explainer videos in every particular style. Our team has passion to make each video unique, and creative as a piece of art. These all clearly reflect in all our work procedures and cooperation with the client.

Be sure, Inovit can easily make your ideas come true on the screen.

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