Video Series

Build your brand with multiple videos


Description of a video series and why they are used:

A company video series is a set of descriptive videos addressing a shared theme or topic. For the most part, they are usually a few videos in a series. They are produced to appeal to both potential and existing customers.
A company video series gives you an opportunity to do more than market a service or product. They provide a platform to engage with a larger audience, giving people a more vivid idea of complicated subjects inside your field. Such videos stimulate these people into interacting with your business. To put it another way, a video series is a priceless tool to establish your brand.

How and when should a video series be used?

Usually, a video series is the last thing to be produced. Sales/explainer videos, tutorials, and testimonials tend to be created first.
It is crucial to unveil your company video series on high traffic channels, digital or otherwise. In doing so, the series will be seen regularly by large audiences.
Publish your series on social networks when an important company initiative is taking place to show your audience the value of whatever you’re trying to promote. For instance, publish a video series on how to correctly do your taxes well before a deadline. Also, consider publishing videos on another website or on your blog to optimize your reach. We encourage clients to post their company video series on YouTube - in doing so, the narrative is kept intact. YouTube lets you organize your content into individual playlists so one can play after another in sequence.