Customer Service Videos

Teach your customers how to use your product, services or app.


What Is A Customer Service Videos?

When we talk about ‘Customer Service Videos,’ we really mean any video content that’s designed to help and add value to your prospects and customers. Maybe it’s a video you’ve created to help educate someone before they buy, and move them along your buyer journey; maybe it’s an onboarding video, intended to familiarise your new customer with the finer details of your product or service after they’ve bought or downloaded it; or maybe it’s a video designed to support or help your existing customers. Customer service videos can play a pivotal role in enhancing customer experience and perception of your brand, at whichever stage of the buyer journey you’re looking to improve.

Why Use Customer Service Videos?

1. Increase Satisfaction When you increase a user’s understanding of your product, you also increase their satisfaction because they are able to get the most out of it.

2. Reduce Support Calls Nurture campaigns can save you time and money when it comes to support calls. A small problem that would once take a phone call to solve, could be rectified by one short video. This helps users self-support.