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12 Reasons Your Business Needs Animated Videos

Businesses have been enjoying success with animated videos for several years now. They’ve been around for a very long time and an endless number of companies and brands have gotten fantastic results with using them. Is the time of the animated video coming to an end though? Far from it. We live in a golden age of video, and animated videos remain your best bet when it comes to putting together an education video, an explainer video, a tutorial, and even ads.

There are many reasons for this and we’re not sure why you would be reading an article that claimed to list these reasons if you didn’t believe that. Of course, you may just be skeptical about the idea of using animations. So, these reasons will blow away that skepticism. Let’s get started.

1. People Prefer Watching to Reading

There’s no comparison between watching a video or reading a large wall of text on websites. It’s obvious that people prefer to watch something than read something. There are good reasons for this, the first being that watching a video makes people feel more comfortable because it’s easier than having to read everything. There’s also research that suggests brains process videos 60,000 times faster than they do text. The audience watching at home – or wherever they are – much prefer a video over text, especially if they’re using a digital screen such as their phones.

2. It Allows the audience to Better Connect with the Brand

One great thing about animated videos is that they are able to fit any concept, character, and storyline that you need to properly deliver a message. There’s no being bound to a certain actor or location when you animate everything. Of course, there are still some limits that shouldn’t be pushed; particularly when it comes to the characters in the video.

You should always make the protagonist of an animated video similar to a member of your audience. They should look and act like them. They should be dealing with the same problems that your prospects are dealing with. This establishes the chance for the audience and potential customers to relate to the characters and creates a bond that better enables them to understand what your products can do for them and what makes them so valuable.

3. They Offer Great Return on Investment

Like most business owners you may be worried about the potential Return on Investment (ROI) of anything you put money into. You can hardly be blamed for being worried about something like that. This is one of those cases where you should go ahead and consider doing what the competition is doing though.

The reality is that over half of business owners feel that video content provides some of the highest ROI in marketing. We don’t feel that they are exaggerating either. The only way for you to know for sure is to try it out for yourself though, so go ahead and give it a go!

4. Animated Videos Boost SEO

SEO determines how highly your website ranks in search results, and search engines such as Google use a range of different factors to determine this ranking. This includes social impact as well as relevance value. The average amount of time people spend on a website is also a big factor. The longer people are spending on your website the more valuable a search engine perceives your website to be; it has to offer something of value for people to stick around after all. The numbers are in and they sure don’t lie. Studies show that embedding videos on your website makes you up to 47x more likely to be placed high on Google search results. So make sure you include videos and give your SEO a healthy boost.

5. Animated Videos Boost Conversions

An animated video is sure to spark curiosity. They demand to be watched. People want to see what happens in them. What makes them so effective is that they also boost conversions. Much like how you can expect an increase in average time spent on your website by uploading and embedding videos to your website, you can also expect an increase in average conversions. A website with videos has an average conversion rate of around 5.3%, which is 2.1% higher than a website without videos.

The videos on your website are also much more than some attractive eye candy. Two-thirds of people report being more prone to buying a product after they see a video about the product, and 43% of mobile users report the same inclination to buy a product. Animations aren’t just a cutesy thing to have on your website to draw in the crowd, they can be selling machines that shift your products.

6. They Improve YouTube Rankings

While you might not realise it, YouTube has become the second largest search engine in the world. It’s not that surprising when you consider how much content gets uploaded and watched through the website each day. The only surprise is that it might be considered a search engine. People spend countless hours searching through content and watching it on YouTube.

This is particularly true for those “how-to videos”. Searches for instructional videos have increased 70% over the past few years. You may have even searched for some tutorials on YouTube yourself, so you’d have a better understanding of these videos and what makes them valuable. If you are able to upload a video to YouTube and get it ranked high for your chosen keywords then you’ll quickly see a major increase in traffic, awareness, and visibility.

7. Animated Videos Work Perfectly with Social Networking

If you were to spend time on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram then you hardly need us to tell you how popular and prevalent videos have become on social media. People are sharing the videos that they find funny, interesting, and inspirational. Well, they share videos that are short and concise anyway. This also applies to business videos.

Studies have shown that 78% of social media users say they would be happy to share a business video if they thought that it was entertaining. It doesn’t get much more entertaining than a fun animated video with a good story. You can’t put a price on the value of all of these people being willing to share your videos and spread the word for you. All you have to do is publish a video that they would be happy to share.

8. Videos are Good for Emails too

There isn’t a channel that doesn’t get a boost from videos. Even good old fashioned email marketing is boosted by videos. Videos are so powerful that mentioning there is a video in the subject field of an email practically doubles open rates.

Not only are people twice as likely to open an email that has a video inside of it, but they are also twice as likely to click-through because there is a video in the email. Well, there’s a video thumbnail in there anyway because we aren’t able to embed full videos just yet. Still, animated videos have the most appealing thumbnails and are more likely to be clicked on!

9.Animated Videos can be Recycled

It’s possible to recycle just about anything these days, and marketing materials are no exception. This means you can use a finished video for several different purposes on several different channels.

From a simple video you can get still images, entertaining GIFs, and you can even create a brand new video by rearranging different parts into a new order. You may be put off by how much an animated video can cost to produce, but you get so much from these videos that they are worth their price. Even with their cost, they remain fantastic value for money.

10. Mobile Users Prefer Animated Videos

These days everyone has a smartphone, so it’s hardly surprising that around 28% of smartphone users report watching at least one video a day through their phone. A third of tablet users are also watching up to one hour of video content each day. Video consumption has truly gone mobile, like the rest of the world.

It’s up to you to meet the new demands and make your videos mobile too. Given how short, simple, and entertaining an animated video can be it’s ideal for a little break, waiting hours, and watching on the commute. The target audience are constantly plugged in and your brand needs to be as well.

11. Animated Videos are Ideal for Explaining a Product

98% of people – that’s almost everyone – has watched an explainer video at some point to learn more about services, products, and companies. This means you have no choice but to go ahead and make one. There are a range of formats available for explainer videos, but animated videos are king. They are much more flexible and can be used with any character or story, but they can be produced and adjusted much easier. The cartoony vibe they give off also stimulates feelings of nostalgia for viewers and reminds them of their days spent watching TV as a child.

12. They Provide Great Insights

The secret to putting together a marketing strategy and making it successful is to constantly control and adjust it. You start the campaign with a strategy, measure the results, and then make any necessary adjustments before starting up again. This is very true with animated videos as well.

One of the best things about videos is that they convey plenty of data in a simple and effective manner. Videos give you insights on plenty of demographics and how they behave – such as when they stop watching the video, how often they watched and shared it, and if they watched related videos. These insights are vital for fine-tuning ads to get better results.


It’s certainly true most of these benefits apply to any kind of video content. The ROI, impact on SEO, and the fact people prefer videos can be used to justify investing in any form of video content for a business.

The reason that animated videos stand out above the rest is that they provide plenty of flexibility, they are practically limitless, and they have a nostalgic look and feel to draw in practically anyone and make them remember the simpler days of their youth. This strong emotional connection connects your company to something important to the audience and helps them to trust and connect to your business.

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